Biomass: maximising the opportunity, minimising the risk

In an era of growing environmental pressure, increasing legislation and consumer demand, the energy industry is looking to new, more sustainable ways of generating power. Wind and solar have inherent limitations, but biomass – the burning of things that grow – provides a predictable, reliable source of energy.

Biomass-fuelled CHP (combined heat and power) energy centres are the ideal solution for organisations that want a local, sustainable source of power that’s completely tailored to their needs.

The design, construction and operation of biomass energy centres is more complex than their gas equivalents. They’re far more bespoke, and take much longer (two years, as opposed to 6-12 months). They’re more labour-intensive and can cost up to four times the amount of a gas-fired power station.

Partnering with the best

One thing is clear: having the right partner is crucial, to determine the feasibility of the project, then to design, build and operate the power plant.

P3P is that partner. Working with leading industry advisers and heavyweight players like Bouygues, we deliver end-to-end biomass solutions that work.

Find out more in the case study for the ground-breaking Hoddesdon energy-to-waste plant that we’ve helped finance and plan. It’s the largest of its kind in the UK, and partly funded by the Green Investment Bank.

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P3P were very hands-on. They brought their considerable expertise, knowledge and skillset to bear. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Mark Denham, MD, AssetGen

  • Predictable, reliable fuel supply
  • Cleaner environmental solution
  • Qualifies for ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificates)
  • Supported by the Green Investment Bank