What is CHP?

CHP: the world-class local energy solution

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a highly efficient process that brings together the production of usable heat and power, to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Conventional power generation creates vast amounts of heat that’s simply wasted. In fact, enough energy is lost through cooling towers to heat every single home in the UK. Gas power stations are typically 49-52% energy efficient, and coal-fired stations come in at a mere 38% . That’s a lot of waste.

By contrast, CHP plants can achieve energy efficiency of up to 90%. This less-wasteful, low-carbon, local-energy solution is a quantum leap forward in energy generation.

Conventional power generation vs. Combined Heat and Power:

Big benefits for businesses of all sizes

CHP is the ideal solution any organisation that wants to cut energy costs and operate more efficiently. It brings immediate and tangible benefits, helping you:

  • Make 15-20% cost savings over electricity sourced from the grid and heat from local boilers. CHP also makes your energy costs predictable in a highly volatile market.
  • Gain a competitive advantage through more efficient operation, as well as improved customer perception and corporate image.
  • Meet corporate sustainability goals in a way that makes sound financial sense.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% when compared with conventional electricity supply and heat generated by a boiler.
  • Proactively seek solutions ahead of increased legislative pressure for low-carbon energy generation.
  • Remain agile and flexible, by storing thermal energy for heating or cooling (see APS case study for more details).
  • Improve energy security with a reliable on-site solution that’s built with state-of-the-art technology, including Rolls-Royce engines.
  • Get unprecedented visibility of your energy usage through comprehensive management reporting with detailed statistics and analysis.

In addition to energy efficiency, CHP also captures waste CO2, a valuable resource for certain sectors including drinks manufacturing and horticulture.

There are already over 2,000 CHP sites across the UK, with the potential for three times as many (source: The Association for Decentralised Energy). CHP provides real financial and environmental benefits.

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Having the right partner is crucial, to determine the feasibility of the project, then to design, build and operate the power plant